Elite Naach Academy was founded by Enakshi Vyas to create a space where all dancers, despite age and level, can gain exposure to a variety of styles. Our dancers discover and develop their artistic side and build their self confidence with our studio. We believe that dance helps cultivate dedication, hard work, patience, physical fitness, respect, and the ability to accept constructive criticism gracefully. 

We provide the encouragement, technique, and passion that each student needs to excel. We strive to have every individual leave class feeling valuable, educated, and craving more by accepting their beauty, strength, and love

We offer classes for students beginning at the age of two! Our specialty dance programs, MinElites or Bacha Beats, offers an introduction to movement at a basic level. MinElites focuses primarily on Tap and Ballet technique whereas Bacha Beats accents traditional and classical Indian dance movement. 

We offer technique and performance classes for various age groups, whether you are a recreational dancer or a serious trainee. All genres are offered at a beginning, intermediate, and advanced level. After a minimum of two years of training from Elite Naach Academy or an equivalent program, dancers may audition for the ENA Performing Arts Company - a competitive and professional youth company specializing in Fusion pieces that highlights technique from a variety of styles. 

We are your studio. We are your family.

Come, dance with us!    



Enakshi, Founder | Artistic Director | Instructor 

Suhaila, Creative Director | Instructor 

Ashu, Chief Financial Officer

Natasha, Intern

Instructors/Sub List: Akash, Amit, Amy, Kaajal, Kabir, Kavan,  and Naina

ENAsPAC: Enakshi, Suhaila, Naina, Maya, Kaajal, Marisha, Kiran


  • We are a closed studio. This means doors stay closed throughout class. Parents must drop and pick up students only. No visitors allowed to watch during class time. We find this disruptive to your child's overall learning experience as well as to other children in class.

  • Dancers MUST wear appropriate dance attire and dance shoes for their respective classes each week.

  • ON TIME! Dancers must be on time for dance classes! It is unsafe for dancers to begin class late as they will have missed their warm up. It is also disruptive to others in the class.

  • Students participating during a performance sessionmay only miss 2 classes during the session in order to perform.

  • Students participating in the performance MUST be in attendance the mandatory rehearsals in order to perform. NO exceptions!

  • Students who miss 3 lessons or more in a row in either session will NOT be allowed to perform. It is difficult for the student, and very difficult /disruptive to other students in the class and the instructor. A dancer who misses 3 in a row due to medical issues will be considered for performance on a case by case basis.

  • Tuition is due in full by the first day of of class. $25 late fee for payments will apply. Cash/Checks/Credit Cards accepted. Elite Naach Academy does not give credit and/or refunds if a registration is cancelled less than one week (7 days) prior to class/session beginning. Classes can be transferred to another student in the case of injury or emergency. For summer camps and summer intensives the academy does not give credit and/or refunds if a registration is cancelled less than 30 days prior to camp/intensive beginning.