Bollywood III

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Bollywood III

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Wednesdays 5-5:55pm 

Inner Rhythm Movement Arts (518 D Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera CA 94925) 

Summer Session A: May 15th-June 30th  | Summer Session B: July 10th - Aug 18th

*Note: There will be no classes held on Friday, July 21st or Monday July 24th

Fall Session: September 11th - December 8th

Prerequisite: Bollywood II for a minimum of 2 sessions & Instructor approval for advancement

This intermediate/advanced class consists of intricate steps and choreography along with a greater emphasis on the performance aspect of dance. Our level I skills are further developed. More complex elements such as prop work, floor routines, turns, formations and partner work are explored. The student must have a general mastery over the basic skill set given to them in level one and the instructor's approval before moving into the level II class.